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Hello, we come from Dubnany from the Czech Republic. Do you know, where it is? It is around 1000km from Köln. Our school starts every day at 8am and ends at 1pm or 2 pm.

We are lucky – last year a new school was built which is much better and nicer than the old one. There is also a sport center, built 4 years ago, where we have our physical education.

We play football or floorball, bowling or squash. There are two places in Dubnany that we like most: in summer it is the lido (swimming pool outside) with two big spiral chutes. See more fotos here! Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Hello, I`m Ivana and I come from the Czech Republic. Many people from Germany don’t exactly know, where my country lies. But it’s easy – the Czech Republic is right behind the german borders, to the East form Bayern. The Germans and the Czechs are neighbours. I live in the Sout-East of the Czech republic, in a small town called Dubnany. Its name comes from an oak tree because there are many oaks in the town and in its woods. The town would be called The Oaktown in English. It’s a small town with only 7 thousand inhabitants.

I love my hometown for its nature. Wherever you go for a walk, you will reach a forrest or fields. You can go there, when you want to be alone.

It is also a town of wine and tradition – every year in October the girls and the boys, women and men, grandmothers and grandfathers put on ther traditional costumes and start a celebration that lasts for three days. The celebrations are organised by the queen and the king of the feast.

So what are the haunts of my town? The nature (the forrests and fields) and the traditional feast.

See even more fotos here: Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


I am Kate, and I live in Uherske Hradiste in the south-east Moravia, which lies in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. One of my favorite places in our country is quite a little town named Mikulov. This town is well-known for its excellent wine that is grown in this area in a large scale. That is why I love meeting there with my friends on the occasion of celebrating someone’s birthday or just having fun. There is a plenty of historical sights in a nearby surroundings, for example the Lednice chateau with its beautiful minaret and tropical greenhouse or the chateau in Valtice. Apart from that, there are numerous vineyards as well as wine cellars that are certainly worth seeing. This resort will with no doubts attract everyone keen on sports since it is an ideal place for cycling as well as walking tours; in the nearby Nové Mlýny lake you will have a wonderful opportunity of windsurfing or fishing. I strongly recommend visiting this town to anybody interested in sights, wine and beautiful landscape.


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Why do I love the sea and why is the sea my favourite place?

1.  Hallig Hooge is  a tiny island. There is very much water around it.

2.  Wind: there is a lot of wind at the sea.

3.  Birds: I love to see them flying around.

4.  Ships: They are interesting.

5.  View: The view around or over the sea is breathtaking!!!




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On the Hanswarft (warft mean: little hill on which are the houses, because they must be protect)

is the little shop, which called „Hallig-Kaufmann“ where you can buy some eat, drink and other things what you need everyday.

It’s the only place where you can buy something on this island.


There is a cinema about  a storm flood, a tideland protection station, a souvenir shop, some restaurants, a telefon box, some cafès, a post box and (very important) a snack-bar 🙂

It’s called „THE CITY“

There are the only public toiletts.

A little play ground is there, too. One of six from the hole island. But not only for little children, also for teens.

Laura (Goblin) & Helen (blue sack with white points)

My favourite place:

Because I live in cologne, which is not by the sea, it doesn’t happen very often that I get such a chance to walk along the beach. And that’s the reason that I love the sea! It´s something special for me.


I love the sound of the waves when they reach the beach and I love to sit by the sea and watch the birds flying in the air. And the wind in my hair. It is wonderful! And thats my favourite place: the sea!


sonnenuntergangI like the wind because my hair is flying and I like to ride a bike because here are only a few cars.

I like the horsebus because I come from cologne and there are only busses, cars and many bikes.

I like the sea because in the summer you can swim in it. When you look you can sometimes see seals.